Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How Jules Jesslike Pappas Got His Name by author David Aujourd’hui

What’s in a name? After all, every name has its own special meaning. It’s just that for the characters in "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude", the meanings of their names tend to have a humorous tale. Sometimes the meaning of those names is obvious as in the case of Fartley Dinkledorf. He is a flatulent child who takes great and perverse pleasure in passing gas. Sometimes it’s not so obvious as in the case of Jules Jesslike Pappas. Let me tell you the tale behind his name.

Jules’ mother was a simple-minded woman who had a rather impulsive nature. I prefer to call her a free spirit, though some of the characters of Bucksnort, Wisconsin might be inclined to judge her. The prudish Priscilla Bunhead would be a case in point.

Irregardless, Mae I. Doomutch was a woman who embraced her sexuality. As a child Mae would always be asking the question, “May I do this or that?” As an adult, she would respond with a resounding “Yes!”

Mae was indeed doing much on the night of Jules’ conception. She just happened to have relations with men of two different races on that evening. Nine months later, Mae gave birth to a little girl. She also gave birth to Jules. It’s just that the girl popped out looking like creamy vanilla whereas Jules popped out with the complexion of milk chocolate.

When the nurse held up the little baby with the not-so-little member, Mae was reminded of his overly-endowed father. The nurse asked Mae, “What will you name him, dear?”

Mae took one look at the baby’s gigantic jewels and exclaimed, “Jewels just like pappa’s!” The nurse proceeded to record the baby’s name on the birth certificate. That name read as Jules Jesslike Pappas.

Take a delightful and hilarious trip to Bucksnort and meet some of the other zany characters. You’ll meet Fartley’s grandfather, Diddles, and his great-grandfather, the one-hundred five year-old Poopsy Dinkledorf.

You’ll arch your back when you meet the irascible Martha Mayhem. You’ll pop your cork when Priscilla Bunhead starts her campaign called BUN which stands for Bunheads Unite Now. It is basically an organization for ladies against women. Priscilla gets into unending altercations with Martha and her other neighbor, the voluptuous and sensual Lula Mae Bunsaplenty.

The good news about the characters of Bucksnort is that they will continue to have ongoing misadventures. This book is just the first in a series of social and religious satires. "Babes in Bucksnort" (book 2 of the Sister Mary Olga Series) 

In the meantime, check out the rave reviews on "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" on Amazon.com. While there, do yourself and your friends a favor. Buy a copy of the book for an endless series of laughs and pass the joy around. Then keep coming back to this blog to find out when other misadventures will be about to appear. I promise to provide you with a decade or more of belly laughs.

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