Monday, December 20, 2010


I recently had another wonderful opportunity to talk about my hilarious series. It was a joy to talk about my wayward nun who loves her bourbon and her Marlboros. Along with the Reverend Mother, a reformed prostitute, and the convent's chef, a gay cowboy who is a self-described sex maniac, I had the chance to talk about my other deliciously dysfunctional characters of Bucksnort, Wisconsin.

While the interview focused on my newest book in the series, "Babes in Bucksnort", I was able to talk about my motivation behind developing the series. Years ago, I entertained a colleague by leaving voice mails doing impressions of my delightful characters. She loved it and would burst out into cascades of laughter. Once I retired, I thought that I could write a book. That led to "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" which was soon followed by Babes and a host of other books waiting to be published.

Listeners of the interview will find out how the books will entertain them if they have an open mind. While the books speak to a few specific audiences, it has been highly reviewed by a cross section of diverse readers who have said they couldn't wait for more. Fortunately, they won't have to wait long for the other books to be published.

I spoke of a few zany scenarios from my book. There's the story of Baby Burpee and Junior Rathbone who get married by reenacting their first meeting on the shores of the mighty Mississippi. There, in nothing but their birthday suits, they part the waters of the great river with their mammoth forms. This almost catapults the preacher off the swimming float where the ceremony is going to take place.

Then there's the story of little Fartley Dinkledorf who gets a thrashing from Lula Mae Bunsaplenty when the little pooper covers her shrubbery in a most foul manner. The little boy couldn't help it because a mischievous classmate had given him a chocolate bar that was a laxative.

The African American woman with an attitude was further unamused when her paramour gave her an ultimatum to apologize to the boy. Having first incurred a indignant caning by Fartley's great grandfather, she takes off in a huff. The question remains as to whether she will ever return to Dinkledorf Drive in Bucksnort.

I was able to talk about the nuggets of spiritual wisdom in the book, dispensed by Sister Mary Olga in her Advanced Holiness classes. While Sister Mary Olga doesn't always agree with the pope, she preaches and practices the Golden Rule – to do unto others as you would like them to do unto yourselves.

I was further able to tell how the readers might get to learn about themselves through the antics and very human aspects of my characters. It takes one to know one. Just beware of what you might find out about yourselves. Don't worry, it will help you embrace your humanity once you realize that you are only human too.

I was especially grateful to be able to talk about the opportunities for recovery for alcoholics and sex addicts who might be part of the listening audience. As is the case with my characters, many people suffer from these addictions and help is available. The bottom line is that the books will help people to look at themselves and life without taking themselves too seriously. Take your own delightful joy ride to Bucksnort and see for yourselves. You won't regret a side-splitting moment.

Author Interview Held By Christian Avalon of Tartarus Radio ( a GLBT station)

Click Link to hear the interview: and the Inteview appears in the player under Textual Voices, ep 1: Interview with David Cowdery (Front Page of Website)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Lula Mae Bunsaplenty is the much younger paramour of the elderly and suave Jules Jesslike Pappas. She is queen of the castle. She sashays around in a caftan, cinched up at her bountiful bosom and has used her feminine wiles to wrap Jules around her finger. Unfortunately for Lula Mae, that isn't working any more. Jules has realized that she is a manipulative gal who is only in life for herself.

Little did Lula Mae know she would be leaving Dinkledorf Drive on the day she received a mooning from little Fartley Dinkledorf. A classmate of Fartley's had played a trick on the incessantly flatulent child that cured his compulsive and most odorous behavior. Muchmore Mayhem gave Fartley a chocolate bar that turned out to be a laxative.

Fartley rushed toward home as nature called in a most insistent manner. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it that far. He ended up making a beeline around the back of Jules' home. There, he proceeded to liberally coat the shrubs just as Lula Mae was looking out her window to greet the new day.

Lula Mae wasn't amused. She hightailed it to the kitchen where she grabbed a rubber spatula. Then she pounded the earth to wallop Fartley's already abused fanny before he had a chance to pull up his pants.

Upon arriving home in a cascade of tears, Fartley told his sad tale to his parents. His normally timid father, Dinky Dinkledorf, decided to go on a rampage himself. With all of his one hundred thirty-five pounds, he was prepared to do battle with Lula Mae who was twice his size. Unfortunately for Dinky, he was no match for the likes of Lula Mae.

“Come out here, you big cow!” squeaked Dinky. “You're not going to get away with beating my boy!”

“Who y'all callin' a cow, you dinky, liddle man” she bellowed back. “Ah've a raht mahnd to paddle yo' scrawny ass too! Id's bad enuff dat yo' liddle waht trash chile shot Lula Mae da moon an mo'! Now y'all has da nuhv ta call me names! Ah'm goinna teach ya'll a lesson ya'll soons not goinna fo-git!”

That's just what Lula Mae did. What she didn't realize was that Dinky's one hundred-seven year-old grandfather, Poopsy Dinkledorf, was looking out the window at that very minute.
When Poopsy saw Dinky upon Lula Mae's broad lap, his paternal instincts kicked in. He decided he was going to kick ass, lady or not! For the first time in over fifteen years, that old man really moved. There wasn't a single teeter to his totter. He made tracks that nearly sizzled as he pushed his trusty cane across the pavement at a full trot. He was on a mission to save his grandson!

Lula Mae didn't see it coming. She was having too much fun dishing it out to Dinky. All of sudden, Lula Mae let out a bellow that was louder than Bessie the cow when she'd birthed her springtime calf. Poopsy had made his mark. He'd used that cane of his to give Lula Mae a thwack of her own right on her buns-aplenty.

Her normally mild-mannered man, Jules, insisted that she owed Fartley an apology. That's when she leaned forward with one of her hefty arms outstretched and her finger pointing out her displeasure. Then she started swaying with a menace as she piped up. “No one's goinna sass Lula Mae and Ah ain't givin' no apologies to NO ONE! If'n y'all ain't goinna stan' up fo' yo' womans, den Ah's clearin' out!”

Lula Mae let out a “harrumph.” Then she turned her buns-aplenty on her audience of spectators and she marched back into the house. You could hear her cursing all over the neighborhood from inside that bedroom.

Not two minutes later, she burst out through that front door carrying a large suitcase that wouldn't close since it was overflowing with clothes. She threw that suitcase into the back of her Cadillac, she plopped herself in the driver's seat, and she gave it the gas. Then she zoomed out of the driveway and she barreled down the street.

Take a journey to Bucksnort, Wisconsin, where the tales contained in "Babes in Bucksnort" will keep you in stitches of laughter from the beginning to the end. Just don't keep all the fun to yourselves. Consider entertaining your friends this Christmas with the hilarious books in the Sister Mary Olga series. There's nothing like giving the gift of joy and it will only return to you multiplied.

Author Davis Aujourd'hui

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Bucksnort Wisconsin's major celebrity is a seasoned old gal named Amanda Ann Adult. She cooks with plenty of seasoning and she always does it with generous doses of vodka. She and Sister Mary Olga Fortitude are best buddies, given their mutual passion for heavenly and potable spirits.

Amanda Ann is the half-sister of Julius Jesslike Pappas. That's a story unto itself. For now, let's focus on Amanda Ann.

In her younger years, Amanda Ann was the mistress of Priscilla Bunhead's father, Boris. This created a lifetime grudge for Priscilla since she blamed Amanda Ann for her mother's death. Following her discovery of her husband's affair, Priscilla's mother wandered off the curb in a daze and was run over by the milk man. That's when Priscilla became a motherless child.

Boris Bunhead was the owner of Bucksnort's only radio station, WBUN. After starting his affair with Amanda Ann, he made a celebrity out of her. He gave Amanda Ann her own radio show which Amanda Ann dubbed, Cooking with Class.

Every day at 5PM, the local housewives and many of the gay men of Bucksnort would tune into her show for the recipe of the day. The show turned out to be a smash. One thing Amanda Ann knew how to do was to cook. She also quickly learned how to drink when Boris dumped her for Dolly Delite.

Amanda Ann got even with Dolly later, but that's another story too.

Amanda Ann became another lost soul who blamed her fate at becoming a spinster on other people and life circumstances. She became a drunk. Fortunately, for the readers of my series, her drunkenness was always spiced with plenty of humor. She also had another good drinking buddy beside Sister Mary Olga. That would be the parish priest, Father Cowberries.

Priscilla would always prepare the for the convent's annual Christmas pageant. One year in particular, things got rather out of hand. She always had a potent egg nog on hand which Father Cowberries and Sister Mary Olga enjoyed. It contained a little egg nog, some ice cream, and lots of bourbon, rum and brandy.

This particular year, Father Cowberries accidentally destroyed her dessert. After imbibing heavily on Amanda Ann's egg nog, he passed out and plunged head-first into her Yule log. When it came time to present the smashed dessert to the assembled crowd, Amanda Ann wheeled out her log, cursing all the way. She announced that Father Cowberries had already had his piece.

Take a side-splitting journey to Bucksnort where the unexpected is always to be expected. The characters are zany and the scenarios are outrageous. There's also lots of spice besides Amanda Ann's cooking. Thanks to the sexual antics of my characters, there's always a dose of dirt for Priscilla Bunhead to get her crooked nose hooked in. She dishes it out with as much panache as Amanda Ann dishes out her culinary delights.

Your travels to Bucksnort begin with "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" followed by "Babes in Bucksnort". The laughter doesn't stop there. There will be many more books in the series yet to come. Treat yourselves to lots of laughs this Christmas. My books are available through

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Every once in awhile, we all encounter a form of mayhem in our lives on our ways to self-discovery. In the case of some of my characters in Bucksnort, Wisconsin, mayhem comes in different forms. First, there is the irascible Martha Mayhem. She is well-named since she is constantly looking for trouble. She is always at odds with her arch enemy, Priscilla Bunhead, the town snoop and gossip.

Priscilla wears her stringy hair in a tight little bun. Martha comes to especially hate that bun when Priscilla forms an organization called Bunheads Unite Now – BUN. She recruits vulnerable females who are looking for someone to do their thinking for them. Much to Martha's chagrin, this also includes some of her relatives. Martha later seeks revenge upon proud Prissy and beheads the bun of a shrieking Priscilla.

Mayhem is encountered in a different form when Diddles Dinkledorf and Mark Mayhem are young and horned-up teens. As they experiment with their sexualities, Mark learns that he enjoys Diddle's Dinkledorf where the sun don't shine. This becomes a life-long passion for the two later aging men who maintain that they are straight. It takes them nearly a lifetime to come to accept that they are gay.

Oh, it all starts out innocently enough. Their trysts take place in the abandoned outhouse of Sister Mary Olga's parents, Platitude and Fullove Fortitude. When the young Mary Olga catches them in the act, she acquires a secret knowledge that she later holds over Diddles' head in order to blackmail him.

Diddles works as a craftsman at the convent where Mary Olga subsequently becomes a nun. She has him fashion a custom-made crucifix that is hollow and contains a flip-top. Given her passion for having secret nips of Old Granddad bourbon, she now has a ready flask for her heavenly spirits.

The older Sister Mary Olga finally decides to blow Mark's cover, thinking she should do her duty to inform Mark's wife that she is married to a closet case. Marjorine Mayhem doesn't turn out to appreciate this knowledge. Seeking comfort, it ends up driving her into the arms of her sister-in-law, Martha. That's when Mayhem encounters Mayhem in a different form of the love that dares to speak its name. The two women discover that they too are gay once they indulge in a passionate kiss.

Life often mimics fiction and can even be stranger than it. Many of the characters in Bucksnort come to embrace their God-given sexualities as they learn to appreciate the diversity of life. Yes, life is indeed a journey full of differing self-discoveries.

You probably won't discover that you are gay unless you already possess those secret fantasies. Irregardless, you may come to embrace some of your own secret behaviors as you come to the understanding of those things within yourselves that need healing. My characters will help you make these discoveries in the most humorous ways.

Learn to accept all of yourselves as you make the journey to fuller self-discovery. Just try not to judge yourselves too harshly. The point is to not take yourselves too seriously. Just come to accept that you are human and that both you and life are good. In the meantime, laugh yourselves silly as you embark on your journeys to Bucksnort!

Author Davis Aujourd'hui