Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Wouldn't it be boring if everyone was the same! It's the diversity of human experience that makes life interesting. Just think of all the ways we are different: different sexes, different ages, different ethnic backgrounds, different cultures, different occupations, different sexualities, different outlooks on life. The list could go on and on.

Some people cling to the idea that they want to be like everyone else. That's a sad thing. The problem is that they haven't accepted and embraced their own uniqueness. Nothing in creation is the same. The same goes for people. Why would anyone want to be other than he or she was intended to be? Those persons would only miss out on the rich fabric of life. That would be such a waste!

Just like life, the characters in my books embrace a cross section of the human experience. Each of them has his or her own unique personality. Some of them are cranky and downright nasty. That makes for a lot of the fun – especially when two or more of those personalities come to clash.

The truth is that all of my characters and each of us has the capacity to act naughty, nasty, or nice. There's a bit of good in the worst seeming of people. Likewise, each of us has his or her own dark side even if that person is not aware of it. Such is life. Such is also the case with most of my characters. Unfortunately for the prudish Priscilla Bunhead, it's difficult to find any redeeming features within her.

She lives on Dinkledorf Drive in the little hamlet of Bucksnort, Wisconsin. She takes perverse pleasure in judging the differences of her neighbors. She especially dislikes gays and lesbians and she has a definite prejudice against African-Americans. Her greatest pleasure is in digging up the dirt on her neighbors and then finding a way to use it against them.

Priscilla must love nastiness to return to her. Her arch nemesis Martha Mayhem doesn't take any bull from anyone. The problem for Martha is that she's a bit of a bully, but deep down inside she is really a marshmallow. Isn't that usually the case for most bullies?

The high and mighty Lula Mae Bunsaplenty also knows how to deal with the likes of the Priscilla Bunheads of this world. Unlike Martha Mayhem who tends toward the physical, Lula Mae uses her tongue like a weapon. She is a stark contrast to her mild-mannered partner, the sophisticated Jules Jesslike Pappas.

contains a former prostitute who is a Reverend Mothers, a chain-smoking, bourbon-swilling nun, a nun who has a secret contained under her habit, and a gay cowboy, not to mention a number of people who have other secrets. Don't worry! You won't miss out on any of them. Priscilla Bunhead can sniff out a secret a mile away.

One of the purposes of my book is to wake up people to embrace the deliciousness of diversity. I do this using heaping helpings of satirical humor. Just don't sip on a beverage as you're turning the pages of "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude."

Otherwise, the drinks will be on you!

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