Monday, October 17, 2011

"Laughter is Contagious"

Look out! Laughter is infectious and it’s coming to your home! Want to know how can you catch it?

Have you ever walked into a room where laughter breaks out and you can’t help yourself but laugh too? In fact, you find it difficult to stop the uncontrollable burst of giggles or belly laughs. The more you try to stop, the more you laugh gasping with each joyful breath.

Laughter is truly contagious in every sense of the word. It is the happy form of the contagious yawn that seems to spread from one person to another. It doesn’t take long for an entire room of people to be laughing together.

The social benefits of humor and laughter through playful communication can strengthen all of our relationships. It helps to build strong, lasting bonds by simply sharing laughter and humor with another person. Laughter is an effective way to heal past hurts, disagreements, and resentments. What a powerful feeling and wonderful gift to share with someone else.

There is a definite link between laughter and good mental health. Laughter helps to dissolve stressful emotions. We’ve all felt stress in our lives and it seems that it’s commonplace nowadays. It’s almost impossible to feel angry, stressed, or sad when you’re laughing. You might want to try it sometime. I would suggest laughing right now! You can’t help but feel that twinge of stress begin to disappear from your body. Things don’t seem as serious as it did only a few moments ago.

You can actually accomplish more in your day by reducing stress and increasing physical energy. All of this can be accomplished just by laughing on a regular basis. Start with a smile, then a humorous thought or two, and finally a good laugh. You see, humor shifts perspective and allows you to see situations in a more realistic light and allows you not to feel overwhelmed. Let go and release inhibitions. Express your true feelings by sharing laughter with others.

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Have you caught that laughter bug today?

Author Davis Aujourd'hui

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