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Life is full of seeming witches. I have a “witch” in my series of Sister Mary Olga satires who is called Priscilla Bunhead. She's a judgmental prude who believes that anyone who thinks or behaves differently from her is a pervert. That would represent a lot of folks including the irreverent Sister Mary Olga.

Priscilla may not have had a broomstick, but she knew how to cast her spells on vulnerable people who wanted someone else to do their thinking for them. The timid Lilliliver Lipstick is a case in point.

Priscilla has adopted an unattractive hair fashion of wearing her stringy hair in a tight little bun at the back of her head. Lilliliver soon adopts the same fashion to please her chief bunhead. It only serves to make her look more like a clown. Lilliliver paints her pasty face with bright circles of rouge and she wears flaming red lipstick.

In my book, "Babes in Bucksnort", they go on a crusade to stamp out “perversion.” Their targets are the gay people of the Snortlands of Wisconsin.

Priscilla had already convinced her millionaire friend, Mildred Mayflower, to donate her mansion and her millions to the arch conservative Reverend Billy-Bob Blunthead. He is the founder of the Born Again or Burn Forever Disciples for Jesus.

He soon set up residence in the mansion in Littlesnort. There, he turned the estate's barn into a temple in which he sought to convert the unsuspecting souls of the Snortlands into his way of thinking. Unfortunately for him, his schemes would only backfire in the most hilarious ways.

Preaching from the former loft of the barn, his wife Pinky Poo would swoon before the crowds as she cried crocodile tears while he preached the fear of God. They were a convincing duo. Fortunately, they met with resistance from the likes of Sister Mary Olga and the gay people of Bucksnort. Priscilla Bunhead was not amused!

Scores of gay people came out of their closets and banded together to fight for their right to dignity. Along with the gay cowboy chef of the convent, the lesbian nun, Sister Eileen, and the transgendered Sister Samantha, they organized to fight discrimination.

A rally was soon held in Bucksnort that was also attended by the straight souls of Bucksnort who recognized prejudice when they saw it. Billy-Bob stood on the sidelines with his megaphone through which he hurled his black pearls of hatred. The crowd paid him no attention. His small contingent of hate-mongers were put to shame as the children's choir from the convent sang songs of love and peace.

That was not enough to open the minds of those who stood firm in their judgments. Some people just never change. Priscilla Bunhead was one of those. Misguided though she may be, she wasn't about to give up the fight.

That's the beauty of a story. Antagonists in my books only serve to stir the pot into bubbles of hilarious laughter. This is a lesson to us all. Life is often stranger than fiction. Our task is to look on the light side and to uncover the humor in it. You won't have any problem doing that in my books. I guarantee unending, side-splitting laughs from the beginning to end. Take a hilarious trip to Bucksnort.

Author Davis Aujourd'hui
Book #1 "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude"

Book # 2 "Babes in Bucksnort"

Both of Author Davis Aujourd'hui books are available in both Paperback or Kindle Format at - Kindles are on sale for $3.99

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Times are changing and it is easier than ever to find self-acceptance as a gay person in this country. That is certainly NOT the case everywhere. It's just that we've made many strides since the early days of gay liberation. It's time to celebrate and stop complaining.

Unfortunately for many, it is still an uphill climb. The road to self-acceptance requires a lot of personal effort. This all begins with self-affirmations. Saying to yourself something like the following will be very helpful: I am a beloved child of God. I am worthy of love. I am who I am meant to be. Being gay is good!

I would encourage any gay person who is struggling with their sexuality to work with affirmations on a daily basis. It is the only way to come to a place where you can love and accept yourself. It is also of utmost importance to surround yourself with people who affirm you just as you are.

Sometimes this will mean having to make hard choices. If your family or friends do not accept you, you may need to distance yourself from them. Network and find safe people and safe places who affirm you. Create a new family. Make new friends. Never take on anyone's judgment of you. You are inherently good and were made gay for a reason.

This is one of the reasons I have created my series of books who are filled with gay characters. Some of them also have problems accepting their sexuality, but I place them in situations where they are forced to learn and grow.

My latest book, "Babes in Bucksnort", is especially written to speak to those who do not accept themselves. I have placed characters who would persecute gay people in order to wake you up to the fact that life is not easy, but you can overcome those judgments if you stand strong in your own identity.

Take my nasty town busybody, Priscilla Bunhead, as an example. She recruits the arch conservative Reverend Billy-Bob Blunthead and his Born Again or Burn Forever Disciples for Jesus to do her dirty work. The beautiful thing is that it ends up backfiring on her. The gay people of Bucksnort come out of their closets and band together as they fight for their right to personal dignity.

It also brings support from those who might have been standing on the sidelines before. The straight people of Bucksnort who recognize villains when they see them come out to support their gay brothers and sisters. While they may be different from themselves, they realize that it's only a matter of sexuality that separates them. Deep down inside we all possess the same spirit. We are all human beings.

Life may not be as funny as it is in Babes in Bucksnort, but that doesn't mean that you can't create your own joy. That's what life is meant to be about. The task for you is to accept life on life's terms and to make the most of it. You are the only one who can do it. Go for your bliss!

Interview of Author David Aujourd'hui

Davis Aujourd'hui
Now to the real questions:

*What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it.

I have written a series of hilarious religious satires with a spiritual message. My latest book is entitled Babes in Bucksnort. It is about a naughty nun who teaches classes in Advanced Holiness.

Once again the unconventional bourbon-swilling, chain-smoking nun will spin hilarious tales about the residents of Bucksnort while she tests the will of a reformed prostitute who just happens to be her Reverend Mother.

But there's trouble brewing in the Snortlands. The town busybody crusades to stamp out “the gay menace.” That's when she brings Reverend Billy-Bob Blunthead and his Born Again or Burn Forever Disciples for Jesus to town to do the job. It will be an uphill climb when the closet doors of many gay people burst open.

In between laughs, Sister Mary Olga dispenses nuggets of wisdom during her Holiness Classes. The bottom line is that everyone is welcome in Sister Mary Olga's classes. Join the diverse cast of zany characters for a joy ride that will tickle your funny bone until it aches.

*Tell us something about yourself. (Where are you from, what is your background, how long have you been writing or anything we might find interesting about you.)

I am the creator of the Sister Mary Olga Fortitude series of religious and social satires. As will be the case with Sister Mary Olga in my next book, I am a recovering alcoholic. I also happen to be gay as are several of the endearing and humorous characters within my novels. I speak from my own experience. I have possessed all of the foibles of my cast of characters, including those naughty, nasty, and nice. I am socially-minded and spirituality is the most important ingredient in order for me to maintain a happy and successful life.

What inspired you to write this book?

I have always loved to write, but I didn't begin to write full length novels until five years ago after I had taken an early retirement. That's when I had an inspiration. I remembered the characters of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude and her friends which I'd developed in order to entertain a colleague of mine while I'd been working as a social worker. I thought to myself, I bet I could write a book about these crazy characters! That's when I sat down and I wrote, The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude in a little over a month. The thing was, I had more I wrote another. Amazingly I still hadn't run out of ideas! Over the course of the next four years I have written eleven novels in the series and I have no plans to stop as long as the characters continue to inspire me.

How did you choose the title?

I maintain that we are all children of God. That is where the name Babes comes from. Bucksnort is the name of my fictional town in Wisconsin.

What obstacles did you encounter in getting this book published? How did you overcome them?

While I received much positive feedback from some traditional publishers, they didn't want to publish the book. Consequently, I chose to self-publish it. My reader reviews have been ecstatic. I hope to obtain a traditional publisher for the next book in the series which is entitled Have A Heart.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer? How did you get started?

Although I have always loved to write, I never dreamed I would have a career as an author. I retired from many years as a social worker. Then I started by writing my memoirs. Following that, I wanted to write more. That's when I remembered the zany characters I had developed in order to entertain a colleague of mine. I realized that I could write a book about them. One book led to another and I now have a successful career.

Do you have any writing rituals?

I discipline myself by spending many hours each day. Then I spontaneously create my crazy characters and the outrageous situations in which they find themselves involved. It is all a matter of waiting for the inspiration to come. Then I am off to the races.

How do you come up with the names for your characters?

Of course, I had created many of the names when I had entertained my colleague. Otherwise, I just let my imagination lead the way. I try to make the names as funny as the scenarios of my books. Many of the names suggest characteristics that my characters possess. It is all great fun.

Did you learn anything from writing and publishing this book? What?

I learned that inspiration is the key to successful writing. When it's not there, I simply shift gears and write articles for my blog. As for writing and publishing both, my mantra is to never give up. Dreams do come true.

If you were doing it all over again, what would you do differently?

No! I believe that everything happens for a reason and that it does no good to have any regrets.

What types of books do you like to read? Who are your favorite authors? Why?

I love to read funny books and spiritual books. I love the books of Armistead Maupin who has been an inspiration to me in developing my own series. I also appreciate the zany humor of Carl Hiassen. As for spiritual authors, my favorites include Anthony DeMello, Eric Butterworth, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhardt Tolle.

Are you working on your next book? What can you tell us about it?

The next book in my series is already written and awaiting publication. It is entitled "Have A Heart".

Sister Mary Olga
is always getting into trouble with her Reverend Mother, a former prostitute. Among a cast of zany characters is a gay cowboy, the town prude and busybody, Priscilla Bunhead, and her hatchet man, the Reverend Billy-Bob Blunthead and his Born Again or Burn Forever Disciples for Jesus. Billy-Bob will be put to the test by an eccentric woman named Cherie Amour who channels a spiritual entity named Ruth. His own past in a closet of shame eventually catches up with him.

Sister Mary Olga finally has to face the music when the Mother Carmen Burana sends her off to Holy Happenings Rehab. Upon her release she joins a twelve-step program called Alcoholics Unanimous while the bawdy Randy Cowboy joins a similar program called Sex Maniacs Notorious.

The book builds to a close with one surprising climax after another. Its strength lies in its original, outlandish humor. The characters, with their hilarious names, are archetypes of the universal human condition. We all have our foibles. This book is designed to make its readers laugh out loud as they look at their own.

*What is the best advice you could give other writers about writing or publishing?

Keep perfecting your craft and never give up hope.

My books will appeal to anyone who has an open mind, a zest for their spirits, and loves to laugh. They will especially appeal to gay and lesbian readers since many of the deliciously dysfunctional characters within the book are gay. Recovering alcoholics will embrace the outrageous situations encountered by the booze-loving Sister Mary Olga and her Advanced Holiness students. “Recovering Catholics” who do not agree with everything the pope holds to be true will embrace Sister Mary Olga's unconventional views on Christianity.

Where can readers learn more about you and your book?

They can visit my blog at

They can also visit to look at my rave reviews and to purchase the book which is also available in kindle format.

Simply click on the following link:

My Facebook fan page is located at

Kindles are available for $3.99 for "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" Here

"Babes in Buckanort in Kindle format for $3.99 Here

Whether you purchase in Paperbook or Kindle Format I hope you enjoy!
Davis Aujourd'Hui.

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Surely you've heard it said that laughter is the best medicine. Yet, sometimes, taking a look at yourself isn't so funny. You may discover some characteristics that seem less than laughable. That doesn't have to be the case.

I am an author of a series of books designed to help their readers not take life so seriously. I have done this by creating memorably and delightfully dysfunctional characters to whom we can all relate. Just as is the case with all of us, we each have our light and our dark sides. The challenge is to come to a place of acceptance by embracing all that we are. As we do so, we can nurture those characteristics that we wish to possess and to let go of those which no longer serve us.

The important thing is to be gentle with ourselves. We can do this by learning to laugh at our personal foibles as we come to a place of acceptance. By using the spiritual approach of unconditional love, we will be on the pathway to a happier and healthier life.

It isn't easy! Getting honest with yourself is a challenge and you cannot do it alone. That's why it is important to surround ourselves with others who can help guide us on our journey in a loving manner.

I have created a series of satires with a spiritual message. They are about a wayward nun named Sister Mary Olga Fortitude who loves her bourbon and her Marlboros. Amidst a sea of her own dysfunction, she dispenses spiritual nuggets of wisdom and plenty of laughs as she introduces you to characters like her Reverend Mother (a reformed prostitute), the convent's chef (a gay cowboy), and the town prude and busybody, Priscilla Bunhead.

Priscilla is a nasty woman who doesn't have a nice thing to say about anyone who thinks differently from herself. She also manages to bring out the dark sides of characters such as the irascible Martha Mayhem and the haughty Lula Mae Bunsaplenty. Your journey to the fictional town of Bucksnort, Wisconsin will introduce you to many other deliciously zany characters who you will come to love and hate.

Just be careful with your judgments. This is where the task of self-examination comes into play. Anytime you find something disagreeable within another, it's time to take a look at what that is all about. Oftentimes, you will come to discover that you possess those very characteristics that you are judging. That's when it's time to laugh at the characters and yourself. You'll have plenty of opportunities to do this in
The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude and Babes in Bucksnort.

Go ahead and have a good laugh. Then take time to consider how you can practice awareness in your life. Whenever you want to react to something or someone, it's time to take a look in the mirror to see what you can do to change yourself. That takes work. The good news is that you've got an entire lifetime to do that.

The other good news is that the side-splitting laughs don't end with my first two books. Many more books in the series are in the works. Treat yourself to a joyride that will also provide you with some food for thought. You will laugh from the first page until the last. Enjoy your journey to Bucksnort and the more important journeys of your own lives

Author Davis Aujourd'hui' s Books

"The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" Paperback Format (Purchase Here)
"The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" Kindle Format for $3.99 (Purchase Here)

"Babes in Bucksnort" (Book 2) Paperback Format (Purchase Here)
"babes in Bucksnort" in Kindle Format for $3.99 (Purchase Here)

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So, you want to Write a Book

Each of you has a book in yourself. After all, you all have your life stories. That is a starting point; at least it was for me. I wrote my memoirs about recovery from multiple addictions and mental illness. It helped me to heal and to learn how to put my thoughts down on paper. You can do that too.

Each of you is creative energy. You may not realize it. Just let yourself sit with that thought for awhile. Then try putting a pen to paper when the inspiration comes. You will be amazed at what can come out for you. It is your creative energy expressing itself.

Maybe you will express yourself through writing a poem. Perhaps it will be an anecdote from your life. Perhaps you will find the creative impulse to write a short story. Okay, that's a beginning. Try to keep going. You do have a book in you.

Use your imagination. Let it flow as you put your pen to paper or run your fingers over your keyboard. Believe in yourself and you will create. If it's meant to be, it will be. Whatever you can dream, you can also realize. Don't allow any negative thoughts or excuses stand in your way. Affirm to yourself, I am writing a book.

Practice every day or so. You don't have to write much. Just keep at it and you will find yourself moving in a forward direction. Before you know it, you will be on your way to writing that book.

Okay, now the book is written. The question is, how can you publish it? That's easy these days. While the traditional publishing industry is very hard to break into, there are many self-publishers. Just google that and you will come up with many. Check them out. Many of them will charge you very little to publish your book. You may not have a best-seller, but you can publish your book if you truly want to do it.

That's what I did. While I didn't publish my memoirs, I have written several books about a wayward nun named Sister Mary Olga Fortitude. She loves her bourbon and her Marlboros. That always gets her into trouble with her Reverend Mother who is a reformed prostitute. The zany characters don't stop there. I just let my imagination continue to create my zany characters and hilarious situations.

Once my first book, The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude, was published, I just kept on going. My next book, Babes in Bucksnort, was soon out. I'd never had more fun in my life and I was off on an adventure! That's when my challenges began. After all, I was embarking on a new career and I wanted to make a success of it. Now, it was time to promote my book and I realized I needed help.

I hired a wonderful publicist by the name of Mindy Schwartz of Full Circle Administrative Services. She created a marvelous blog for me and I began to write articles such as this one. She began to post them all over the internet.

Then I began to get radio interviews. It was an exciting time to revel in my experience as I shared it with my listening audience. After all, it's no good unless you give it away. While I wanted to make a success of my book, I also want to inspire my listeners to be all that they could be too.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming an author, I encourage you to take these simple steps. You can do it. Dream a little while. Then take some action. Dreams do come true.

Author Davis Aujourd'hui
Davis' s Sister Mary Olga Book Series is available in both Paperback and Kindle Format.

"The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" (Kindle Format $3.99)
"Babes in Bucksnort" (Kindle Format $3.99) Purchase Here
Babes In Bucksnort

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Spring Ahead and Leave Those Winter Doldrums Behind

If you live in the Northeast like I do, it's always a challenge to avoid the doldrums of not enough sun and too much snow. Truth be told, it's been a difficult winter for many in this country. Enough is enough! It's time to embrace spring and the joy within our souls. Let's face it, there's nothing like good humor to leave our troubles behind!

Winter or not, life is filled with challenges that can take us from our joy. God knows, I've had my share just as we all do from time to time and to greater and lesser extents. The good news is that I've found a way to make lemonade out of lemons. I've done this by embracing the humor that has always helped me cope with what have seemed to be bad times. I'm also very good at it.
Here's my gift to you. I've created a series of outlandishly funny tales about a naughty nun who loves her bourbon and her Marlboros. She's both a renegade and a character that knows how to tell stories that will lighten your load. Let's face it, there's nothing like a good laugh to chase away the blues. Sister Mary Olga will deliver you one belly laugh after another.

You can start out by reading The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude. The good news is that the laughs won't stop there. I've created an entire series of books about this wayward nun and the zany characters who reside on Dinkledorf Drive in the fictional town of Bucksnort, Wisconsin.

In between puffs on her cigarettes which she calls prayer sticks, Sister Mary Olga will tell you about her ongoing conflicts with Reverend Mother Carmen Burana who just happens to be a former hooker. She'll also tell you tales about her challenging charges in Beginner's and Advanced Holiness. Just don't take a seat next to the flatulent child named Fartley Dinkledorf or you may go up in fumes.

One good antagonist deserves another. There's nothing like conflict to create mayhem! I've done this in such a way that you'll see how the crazy egos of people who think they know better than everyone else will stir up pots of trouble that pave the way to hilarity.

Take the prudish town gossip, Priscilla Bunhead, for example. She wears her hair in such a tight little bun that she can't possibly have an open mind. She's constantly prying into other people's business. As she does so, she creates havoc with neighbors like the irascible Martha Mayhem and the haughty Lula Mae Bunsaplenty.

Priscilla takes pot shots at people who are different than her. No one is safe or sacred from her antics. She goes after Catholics, gay people, and African-Americans. She doesn't have a clue about sex. Truth be told, she's undoubtedly jealous. Consequently, she loves to cast her judgments against people who enjoy their sensuality. She has plenty of fodder with which to do so because there's a lot of hanky panky going on in the Snortlands of Wisconsin!

Whether you're feeling down and out or just want to coast with your ongoing joy, take a walk on the wild side and pick up a book that's guaranteed to provide you with non-stop laughs. Just be sure to keep an open mind. There are already enough Priscilla Bunheads in this world!

Kindle Formats now Available at the low price of $3.99 each

"The Misadventures of Sister of Mary Olga Fortitude" (Kindle Purchase Here)
"Babes in Bucksnort" (Kindle Purchase Here)

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So, I've written a book and had it published. How exciting! It seems as if new doors are opening and that I have embarked upon a new career. That is true, but the challenges have only just begun. Now, the task is to get the word out. Major TV networks aren't exactly knocking at my door. Where do I begin?

These are the questions I had to ask myself after I published the highly-rated Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude which I soon followed up with the first sequel, Babes in Bucksnort. I knew that I had good books that my readers have joyously embraced. The frustrating part has been that I need exposure and that is not an easy thing to get. Nothing in life is free and promotion can be very expensive. While I have been blessed to have some resources, I am not currently in a position to spend megabucks in promoting my books.

I have had to pay to get some reviews, to create a video trailer, to broadcast podcasts, to hire a publicist who has done a wonderful job setting up blogs for me. I have paid to appear on some radio shows and now other publicists are encouraging me with promises of what they can do to help. It's just that it means more money. Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees.

I've had to be practical, but I have also had to cling to the faith that I have been inspired to write these books for a reason. The interest in my work is there and I have a message of hope to deliver. It is only a matter of remaining strong and believing in myself. My mantra is don't quit. Dreams do come true.

Friends have been helpful in spreading the word about my books, but it takes a domino effect to continue to spread the word. The continuing question remains, what more can I do?

I have been a student of Abraham who is channeled by Esther Hicks, a marvelous spiritual teacher who talks about the art of allowing. The premise is to become open to the abundance of the universe by focusing on the experience of emotions that feel good. She maintains that, when one does that, all desires will manifest.

That takes me back to some of the same spiritual principles that my main character, “naughty” Sister Mary Olga Fortitude, would embrace. It all has to do with eliminating doubt and replacing that with faith. It is only ourselves and our insecure egos which can block the way.

With that in mind, I am going to practice what I preach through my title character. I am embarking on a spiritual journey that embraces what I have been espousing in my books. Each day, I begin by meditating upon one of Esther's CDs about getting into the vortex. I breathe and relax. I let go of tension and open myself to the notion that it's not about work or luck. It's about letting go of resistance and allowing goodness to flow to me and through me.

I am practicing this diligently and will let my readers know how the manifestation of my desires will unfold. I am hoping to inspire others by my example; that is, that the power of our spirit which comes from our Source (God) will always provide. There is more than enough for all.

I practice affirmations and claim that which I wish to possess as if I already had it. But I keep my focus on being grateful for what I already have in my life. The blessings of love have nurtured me and my passions. I am a successful author which is something I never would have imagined. My dreams are unfolding and have already become a reality. Yours can become that too!
Author Davis Aujourd'hui
Both "The Misadvetures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" and "Babes in Bucksnort" are available in Paperback or Kindle. The Kindle version is at a special rate of $3.99 each

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Guest Blog Post - Author Davis Aujourd’hui and His Books and Other Things

“The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude”
Babes in Bucksnort
Both are available in Paperback and Kindle Format - kindles are on Sale for $2.99

Today we a learn a little bit more about Author Davis Aujourd'hui

1. Davis why did you become a Writer/Author?
I've always loved to write. Following the development of some hilarious characters in outrageously funny situations, I decided I could create a book. That book not only delivers a spiritual message, but does it in a way that is highly entertaining. My mission is to enlighten people while making them laugh their pants off from the beginning to the end of my books.

2) Is there a message you are trying to bring to people?
The message is many fold. Primarily, I am hoping to get people to lighten themselves up and to not take life so seriously. I do this by creating zany characters that are oddly typical of the imperfect humans we all are. In so doing, it will provide my readers with food for thought in order to improve themselves if they are willing to do the work. My main character, Sister Mary Olga Fortitude, provides many suggestions for how to do this in a practical way. The main message is to follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

3. What are other types of jobs have you had in the past?
I've been a professional salesman, an avocational actor, and a social worker for many years. The first and last jobs gave me a broad perspective on the human condition which I have been able to incorporate into my books.

4. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?
Are you trying to uncover my secrets? Guess what. All you have to do is to read my author blog. My life is an open book that contains articles pertaining to my very human life challenges.

As for hobbies, I am a classically trained pianist and a singer. I am a student of spirituality and embrace the sacred truth of all paths to illumination. I love to read. I love nature. I am heavily involved in twelve-step programs which have helped me to clean up my act and to become the person I was meant to be.

5. If you can live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?
I would love to live on the ocean in Ogunquit, Maine. I used to live nearby there. I love the open attitude of people there that embraces the diversity of all. As a gay man that is very important to me.

As for the ocean, it provides a tranquil setting that is soothing to my soul. I love to walk on the beach and a walkway there called The Marginal Way. It climbs the hillside high above the craggy rocks of the Atlantic, providing beautiful vistas of the creation of God.

6. Do you have any pets?
I do. I have a Labrador retriever and a chihuahua in addition to four cats. They are all wonderfully loving pets and I adore them.

7. Where did you go on your last vacation?
My most recent vacations were to Ogunquit – of course. I also traveled to Albuquerque in May of 2010. Hope to do a cruise to the Caribbean this year.

8. Do you have a favorite color?
Blue, followed by green.

9. Favorite movies
You're testing my somewhat faulty memory. I have so many favorites. I especially enjoy classic films like Dr. Zhivago, Gone With the Wind in addition to many others.

10. Favorite books
Mine of course! I used to love supernatural thrillers such as the books by Anne Rice. I now tend to read books of a spiritual nature. My favorite authors are Anthony DeMello, Eckhardt Tolle, and Deepak Chopra.

11. What type of music do you like to listen to?
I used to love rock and popular music including the music of my parents' generation. Now I tend to listen primarily to classical and New Age music.

12. Steak or Seafood?
Both, of course. Give me a good piece of steak and a lobster and I'll be in heaven!

13. Do you have a favorite meal you like to have as often as you can? Anything Italian. Give me a nice four layer lasagne loaded with cheese.

14. Davis is there anything else you would like to add anything else about yourself?
I am a prolific writer and have received excellent reviews on my books. I have developed a series that my readers like to gobble up like a box of chocolates. I have currently written nine more books in the Sister Mary Olga series and I haven't run out of ideas yet. I am also interested in writing a reincarnational novel.

I could tell you so many other things about myself, but most of that is already written. My readers can visit my blogs at: and

Peace and joy to all. That is what God intends for all of us. Dream your dreams and they will happen. Remember the song, Row, row your boat. Life is but a dream.


Believe it or not, I have actually written my memoirs. After I finished that project, I wondered to myself, “What can I do next?” That's when I came up with an idea. I remembered the character of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude which I had developed in order to entertain a colleague of mine while I had been working as a social worker.

That's when I developed the character of Sister Mary Olga. I soon began to develop the other zany characters until I had created an entire cast. I would call up my friend and I would leave her voice-mails during which I would create spontaneous outlandish and hilarious scenarios. She loved it and that gave me a lot of joy!

At the point when I had finished my memoirs, I thought to myself, I bet I could write a book about these crazy characters! So I sat down and I wrote a “The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude” in a little over a month. The thing was, I still had more, I wrote another. Guess what? I hadn't run out of ideas yet! Over the course of the next two years I wrote nine novels in the series and I still haven't run out of ideas!

Around the time that I was getting ready to have the first book published, I asked my mother-in-law if she would pose in a nun's habit as Sister Mary Olga on the cover of my book. You see, to me, she embodied my mental concept of what Sister Mary Olga should look like. She said, “Sure, Davis! I'll do it for you!”

Unfortunately she passed away before that could happen. As she lay on her deathbed, I said to her, “Jan, I'm going to get you on that cover one way or another!” Thanks to the marvelous illustrator for my cover, that person was able to create a nun's habit over her picture. Once that was done, I dedicated my first book to her.

Only in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would become an author! Yet suddenly I began to write as if it was my full-time job. If you wonder what I'm doing now, I'll tell you. I'm polishing the other books in the series so that they will be fine and outrageously funny gems like the jewel of this first book that I've created. You can now read the newly-published first sequel. It's called Babes in Bucksnort..

After the second sequel, I travel back in time to trace Mary Olga's journey from the time she was dunked into the baptismal tank at the Bucksnort Baptist church up until she became a Catholic and later became a nun. I continue to move forward in time which has given me the opportunity to create many more delightfully zany characters as well as to trace the history of the endearing characters you'll be enjoying in this first book.

I must admit that I'm going to be leaving you hanging after the second sequel, but don't worry, I'll pick up the current story line later. I don't think I'm about to run out of ideas for a very long time! Sister Mary Olga and her friends have taken on lives of their own. That's given me a joyful sense of purpose in my own life.
Author Davis Aujourd'hui

You can obtain either of Davis's Novels in Paperback or Kindle Format.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guest Review Post on Carolyn Howard Johnson's New Book Review of "Babes in Bucksnort"

Unforgettable Fun & Laughter in Bucksnort!
"Babes in Bucksnort"

Author: Davis Aujourd'hui
Author Blogs:
Genre: fiction-satire
ISBN: 978-1432745004

Reviewed by: Author and Criminologist Jennifer Chase

You won't be disappointed with "Babes in Bucksnort" because all of the outrageous, fun-loving characters are back in book #2 at the steady direction of lovable, chain-smoking, bourbon drinking Sister Mary Olga. She has taught readers, along with her town of parishioners of course, that sometimes it's important to take a good look at ourselves in order to make a positive change.

There seems to be conflict brewing in Bucksnort due to the range of truly unforgettable characters and their diverse activities. This time, Priscilla Bunhead along with her group of town nosy busybodies with the help from Reverend Billy-Bob Blunthead are determined to run out of town who they feel are perverts and undesirables. Following, is outrageous behavior and fun filled chapters that will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Aujourd'hui has managed to create a satire series that will definitely give you mountains of smiles and giggles, but he has also masterfully woven important teachings of kindness, forgiveness, and true acceptance. The characters are vivid and it's highly unlikely you'll forget their names any time soon. There's a delicate balance of satire and reality that I feel that Babes in Bucksnort has accomplished perfectly.

If you want a fast weekend or afternoon read that's guaranteed to make you laugh, I recommend "Babes in Bucksnort". I look forward to the next installment to see what Sister Mary Olga has in store for her and the town of Bucksnort.

Both "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" and "Babes in Bucksnort" are available in both Paperback and Kindle Format.