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Once upon a time, in the sleepy little village of Bucksnort, Wisconsin, there lived a family named Mayhem. The elder sister, Martha, lived up to her last name. The other sisters were more demure. They will not be the subject of this article.

Martha also had a brother named Mark Mayhem who liked to diddle on the side with his good buddy, Diddles Dinkledorf. Ever since they had been teens, the two of them would furtively sneak away and Diddles would perform the the unmentionable upon Mark. Of course, neither of them admitted to being homosexuals. They were both married men.

Mark eventually married a shy, but lovely lady named Marjorine Butterworth. She had cornflower blue eyes and lovely brown hair that fell in soft curls around her face. They lived happily for many years until Marjorine felt Mark pulling away from her.

She had no idea what that was about and she was too timid to confront him. It wasn't until the day that Sister Mary Olga Fortitude spilled the beans about Mark's relationship with Diddles that Marjorine saw the light. Marjorine was not pleased!

She sought solace with her sister-in-law, Martha Mayhem – the most unlikely candidate to show anyone compassion. That's when an unexpected and beautiful thing happened. The two of them fell into each others' arms. Before they knew what they were doing, they kissed passionately. It was the beginning of a previously unknown fire within each of them that kindled itself on a cold winter's day.

Marjorine left her bewildered husband and moved in with Martha. Martha became a typical butch lesbian. She came to wear her graying hair in a bristle top brush cut. She always wore jeans along with a signature flannel shirt and she frequently sported alligator cowboy boots. The unlikely couple formed a relationship that was made in heaven.

Of course, that only stirred another fire in the neighborhood. Right next door to them lived the town prude, Priscilla Bunhead. As these latent lesbians began to bloom, Priscilla began her witch hunt against gay people. It would just become a matter of time before all of the closeted gay people of the Snortlands began to nudge their closet doors open as Priscilla waged a wicked campaign. This became a case when fear brought about the unexpected in these people. They found a courage within them they had never known they had possessed.

Read about this and the unfolding tales of the Babes in Bucksnort in the book bearing that title. In this and the preceding book, The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude, you will encounter zany characters and outrageous scenarios that will keep you laughing in stitches. Perhaps you will begin to find the humor within your own life. If you do, my purpose within these books will be fulfilled.
Enjoy your journey to Bucksnort.
Author Davis Aujourd'Hui
Sister Mary Olga Book Series

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