Thursday, July 1, 2010

Randy Cowboy Meets Sex Meets Sex Maniacs Notorious

Randy Cowboy is the convent's gay chef. While he knows how to satisfy the good sisters' appetites, Randy's own appetite for sex is ravenous. He never seems to be able to get enough!

Randy made himself a good buddy with a sexy young man with brown hair, bewitching blue eyes, and a soccer player's build when he was cruising down by the old mill stream. Unfortunately for Randy, he didn't ask Bruce Friendly for his phone number.

Back in his bungalow, Randy plaintively sought more companionship on the Internet. As his good fortune would have it, he received a reply from someone whose screen name was Heaven's Gate. As his good fortune increased, it just happened to be Bruce Friendly. That was just the first surprise. Bruce had another one up his sleeve!

Randy excitedly asked Bruce if they could have sex again. That's when Bruce began to fumble. That's also when he was going to throw Randy a curve ball.

Bruce told Randy that he was a sex maniac. Randy didn't have any problem with that. He quickly replied that he was one too.

Bruce replied, “I don't think you understand what I mean. I'm a sex maniac in recovery and I shouldn't be on the internet. I attend a twelve step meeting called Sex Maniacs Notorious.”

“Gee,” replied Randy. “I probably could use that myself. I just seem to be totally out of control when it comes to sex.”

“Well,” said Bruce. “If you're serious, you could come to one of our meetings.”

The very next day, Randy went to the Big City to attend his first meeting. He was disappointed when he didn't see Bruce. That was okay. Randy took a seat next to another handsome guy. Maybe he would find himself a fringe benefit after the meeting.

That wasn't going to happen. When Randy flashed his sexiest smile at the handsome fellow, the other guy gave Randy the cold shoulder. Randy didn't like that. He wasn't used to that sort of thing. It appeared that these sex maniacs were serious about recovery. Now, the question for Randy was if he was going to take this sex maniacs thing seriously for himself.
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