Monday, July 12, 2010

Hilarious with an oddball cast of characters - Recent Book Review of "Babes in Bucksnort"

***** ( Five Star) Reviewd By" C. J. Good, Author ""CONTENTMENT" - &... (Chicago, Illinois)

This review is for: "Babes in Bucksnort:" Sister Mary Olga Fortitude Book 2 (Paperback)
Book: "Babes in Bucksnort"
Sister Mary Olga Fortitude Book 2.
Author: Davis Aujourd'hui.

When I saw the cover art, I suspected this would be a compelling read. I took the afternoon off, settled onto my cozy couch and laughed my head off for three solid hours. A resistant group of conservative citizens, led by Priscilla Bunhead, are determined to purge the town of the undesirable (in this case, gays and lesbians). They attract the attention of an outrageous preacher, Reverend Billy-Bob Blunthead and his followers, who are on a mission to save the town from destructive influences.

I savored every page of this book, from the comical to the spiritually wise, to the lessons of compassion, kindness and love, to the tenderly poignant. It is not terribly often that I stumble upon a book that manages to convey in a truly entertaining manner, what it is like to live in small-town America, when newcomers or outsiders trigger a change in traditional values.

I felt immediate rapport with this wonderfully wacky collection of eccentric characters: Sister Mary Olga Fortitude, Fartley and Dewdrop Dinkledorf, Ralphy Mayhem, Lilliliver Lipstick, and Father Cowberries. Not to mention Priscilla Bunhead and Reverend Billy-Bob Blunthead. The oddball names alone make me giggle.

Author Davis Aujourd'hui's book was simply a pleasure to stumble upon. From the cover page to the very end, Aujourd'hui pulls the reader in and never lets go. A masterful comedian, his insight into human behavior deepens our knowledge of ourselves, even as we heartily laugh out loud.

I can not believe that any person over the age of 25 has not experienced the emotions of the colourful characters that inhabit the book. The book is well written, incredibly funny, and will probably take off like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby. Makes a fabulous gift. Reviewed by: C.J. Good, Author - "Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment" - sustainablecontentment dot com

Book one of the Sister Mary Olga Series - "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude"

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