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In Light of Gay Parenting on the Rise, New York Author Offers Inspiration on Self- Acceptance

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In Light of Gay Parenting on the Rise, New York Author Offers Inspiration on Self- Acceptance

(Syracuse, NY) CNN reported that data from the most recent U.S. Census shows that the South has the largest share of gay parents in the country. The story then went on to quote Gary Gates, a demographer with the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, and School of Law.

“Gay and lesbian people tend to come out later in life, in those areas, which means they are more likely to have children from a previous relationship earlier in their lives.”

The CNN report asserted that according to Gate's survey, San Antonio, Texas, leads the country in gay parenting, with 34% of same-sex couples raising children. That's followed by Jacksonville, Florida at 32%.

Author, Davis Aujourd'hui, who himself is gay, and the creator of the highly- rated and hilarious "Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" - a series of 11 books centered on religious and social satire.

Many of the characters in his books are gay. His latest book, "BABES IN BUCKSNORT", Davis says, "is especially written to speak to those who do not accept themselves."

Aujourd'hui says, "Times are changing and it is easier than ever to find self-acceptance as a gay person in this country. That is certainly not the case everywhere. It’s just that we've made many strides since the early days of gay liberation. It's time to celebrate and stop complaining."

A big believer in motivating others to "stand strong in their own identity," Aujourd'hui offers three tips for individuals to celebrate their individual diversity in a judgmental world:

* The road to self-acceptance requires a lot of personal effort. This all begins with self-affirmations. Saying to yourself something like the following will be very helpful: I am a beloved child of God. I am worthy of love. I am who I am meant to be. Being gay is good.

* Sometimes this will mean having to make hard choices. If your family or friends do not accept you, you may need to distance yourself from them. Network and find safe people and safe places who affirm you. Create a new family. Make new friends. Never take on any one's judgment of you. You are inherently good and were made gay for a reason.

*Life may not be as funny as it is in my book "Babes in Bucksnort", but that doesn't mean that you can't create your own joy. That's what life is meant to be about. The task for you is to accept life on life's terms and to make the most of it. You are the only one who can do it. Go for your bliss!

About Davis Aujourd'hui:

Davis Aujourd'hui is creator of the highly- rated and hilarious "Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" - a series of eleven books centered on religious and social satire.

He is a retired social worker, having worked for Adult Protective Services in New York. He said it enabled him to become a student of the human condition. While doing so, he developed the characters in his books in order to entertain a colleague of his using the gift of humor. He is socially-minded and spirituality, he says is the most important ingredient for him in order to maintain a happy and successful life. He lives in Upstate New York.

Author Davis Aujourd'hui


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