Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Poopsy Dinkledorf is the patriarch of the Dinkledorf clan. He happens to be the second oldest man alive in the state of Wisconsin. He is also a mischievous soul who lives on a street bearing his name in the fictional town of Bucksnort.
Poopsy is the widower of Daisy Dinkledorf who used to club him over the head with a cast iron frying pan whenever he came home from a night of philandering. He'd had a penchant for the best little whorehouse on the prairie, located across the state line in Orangutan, Iowa. A young raven-haired beauty by the name of Carmen Burana had captivated him by her feminine wiles and her tricks of the trade.

By the time he'd become an old man, Carmen Burana had become the Reverend Mother at Have A Heart convent in Bucksnort. While Poopsy hadn't lost his interest in sex, he basically became a relatively harmless, dirty old man. Of course, he became a pest to his female neighbors when he would peer into their windows hoping to get a look at their breasts and any sexual activity that might be going on within the confines of their bedrooms.

Poopsy's only surviving son is Diddles Dinkledorf who bore a lifelong secret of shame over an ongoing affair with his childhood buddy, Mark Mayhem. As young boys, Mary Olga Fortitude caught Diddles diddling Mark in the outhouse located behind her family home. Even after they both had married, they carried on their clandestine activities.

By the time that Mary Olga became a nun, this gave her an advantage over Diddles who happened to work at the same convent in which she lived. She blackmailed Diddles into protecting her own secret vices – her penchant for bourbon and her Marlboros which she referred to as her prayer sticks.

One of the youngest Dinkledorfs is Diddles' grandson, Fartley. Fartley more than lives up to his name. Much to Sister Mary Olga's consternation, he is constantly interrupting her class in a most explosive manner. He takes a perverse pleasure in passing gas. You can find out how he was cured of this habit if you read my July 2010 blog entry entitled, “Fartley Dinkledorf's Fuming Fiasco.”
Come join the entire cast of deliciously-named, diverse and zany characters when you take a trip to Bucksnort, Wisconsin. Both of the available books are self-contained, though you may want to start at the beginning by reading The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude first. The beauty of ordering both books at the same time is that you'll receive free shipping and handling on www.Amazon.com.
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~~If you are looking for a light funny satire, these two books are for you. Kick back and have a good laugh. We all need it!!!

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