Thursday, June 9, 2011

Best Friends Forever

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking
a lone in the light."
- Helen Keller
What attracts us to other people in hopes of fulfilling and long-lasting friendship? Do we seek out others that are similar or adventurously different? And why do we seem to need at least one good friend that will stand the test of time?

Friends are special individuals that are different, similar, ordinary, and even extraordinary. Friends teach us to be tolerant about differences through learning and experiences, which I like to call uniqueness. That’s what makes life worth living and everyday a little bit brighter.

It has been said that if we have one true friend in our lifetime that we are extremely lucky. If you think back to when we first entered school in preschool or kindergarten, there is usually a person who was our best friend. It was someone that we told all our secrets to and shared a great deal of time with during school. We actually thought that this person would be with us forever. In some instances this may be the case, but most likely it will end up being a person that we went to school with at one time and we won’t ever see again.

What happens when that friend turns out to be not who we thought they were?

In my newest book in the Sister Mary Olga series, "Babes in Bucksnort", there’s a very nosey busybody by the name of Priscilla Bunhead. She rampages through Bucksnort on a crusade to stamp out the evils in her mind of “gay menace” and other "undesirables". She even hornswaggles an unsuspecting citizen, Lilliliver Lipstick, to peddle pamphlets that warns the town of what ills lurk within its city limits.

It is Priscilla Bunhead’s hope to find the scared people that reside in Bucksnort that are vulnerable to practicing prejudice and will go along with her cause. What will the townspeople in Bucksnort have in store for them?
Will the true meaning of friendship prevail after all?

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