Saturday, April 10, 2010


The nasty, prudish Priscilla Bunhead from "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude" who is always judging people by outside appearances had her own secret past. You see, she was a fraud. Priscilla wasn't blessed with an ample bosom and she was ashamed. This led her to masquerade by stuffing her bra with tissue paper so that she would appear to be the voluptuous young woman she was not.

Unfortunately for Priscilla, she had a habit of making enemies out of people. When it came to her relationship with the irascible Martha Mayhem, she made a big mistake. While Martha was grounded after engaging in behavior unbecoming to a Baptist with her boyfriend Crabby Crandall, Priscilla stole Crabby away from her. That's when Martha decided it was time to get revenge.

Martha happened to know about Priscilla's private pleasures. Priscilla's family was the only one on Dinkledorf Drive to own a swimming pool. It also had a Jacuzzi with delightfully pulsating jets. Every dark night during the summer, Priscilla could be found perfectly positioned under those jets where she pulsated to a rhythm that rocked her world.

One moonlit night, Martha invited the teenage boys of Bucksnort to Prissy's pool for a private show. All the of boys were anxious to feast their eyes upon the big boobies that Priscilla didn't possess. As Priscilla was in the throes of ecstasy, the boys were breathlessly waiting in the bushes around the pool. Meanwhile, Martha stole around the side of the house where she threw on the spotlight to illuminate the poolside show.

The boys let out a shout of disappointment when they realized that Prissy's pom poms were nothing more than pegs. That's when Priscilla let out a scream that could be heard all the way to the convent. Like the drowned rat that she was, she went running off into the night in order to hide her secret shame. Unfortunately for Priscilla, that was also the end of her relationship with Crabby Crandall.

Martha had her sweet revenge. What made it even sweeter was that Priscilla was never courted by another. Her fate was to grow up to become a sourpuss of an old maid.

This is just one of the many hilarious tales contained within Misadventures. If you're looking for a bellyful of laughs, click on the link to so that you can obtain your own copy. In the meantime, remember that outside appearances aren't always what they seem.

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