Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

Having lunch with good friends? Taking a nice long walk on the beach at sunset? Or, helping others who are less fortunate than you?

In my new book "Babes in Bucksnort", Sister Mary Olga has some wisdom into happiness and the best life you can possibly enjoy that I’d like to share with you.

“Now! I’m here today to tell you that it’s time to wake up and repent. This is the season of Jesus’s resurrection. Now, as always, he is here among us to lead us all to a better life. All it takes is to make a change in your attitude. Then you shall find yourself back on the High Way to God.”

How many times have you asked yourself, what makes me happy?

It’s the little things in life that seem to hold the most importance and happiness to us. It can be just a time that you went for a nature walk and you noticed the earth’s beauty for the first time, watched a baby take their first steps, or laughed until you cried with an old friend.

Take the time to enjoy life, the little joys and laughter, and change your perspective on the negative things that seem to bombard us everyday.

Sister Mary Olga says, “Perhaps you’d rather listen to some of my stories about the babes in Bucksnort and learn from their successes or their mistakes. Now! Wouldn’t it be easier than taking the elevator down that deep, dark shaft to a place of despair? All it takes is to be true to yourselves. Then God shall reveal all to you. Keep the focus on yourself and let the rest of the world go its own way.”

Remember, when you sit back and laugh, don’t forget to dip your toe in the water. You never know what wonderful things will transpire from that simple gesture.

Check out Babes in Bucksnort to find out the new adventures in the town of Bucksnort and what other wisdoms that Sister Mary Olga has to share with you along the way.

Author Davis Aujourd'hui

Sister Mary Olga Book Series:
Book 1 "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude"
Book 2 "Babes in Bucksnort"

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