Monday, January 3, 2011


Junior Rathbone was a corpulent young fella who had never had a date. Many a girl had taken a look at his mammoth form that resembled that of a beached whale and had cast away their eyes in horror. That all changed on one moonlit night on the shores of the great Mississippi.

Junior had ambled down to the shore to take himself a swim. There in the moonlit waters was a goddess of grand girth whose blond hair gleamed like strands of liquid gold. Her cantaloupe-sized breasts were bobbing on the waters as she did a veritable breast stroke.

Junior couldn't believe his luck! Baby Burpee was almost as huge as him. Inspired by her impulse to swim in her birthday suit, Junior quickly shed his gigantic shirt and pants as he searched for further inspiration.

There, on the edge of the water, lay a fallen tree trunk. Junior got himself a running start and galloped onto that tree trunk that bobbed like an apple under his immense form. With his buttocks bouncing like two big bowls full of jelly, he took a dive that nearly submerged the end of the trunk before he parted the waters with a virtual tidal wave. Then the cascading waters rushed toward the goddess who was following the path of the moon across the Mississippi.

At the sound of the resounding splat, Baby turned and watched in wonder. The waves were rushing toward her, but there was no sign of what had caused the parting of the water. Suddenly, Junior surfaced and, like a speeding torpedo, his mounds of flesh were headed directly toward Baby Burpee.

Baby instinctively held out her arms as Junior finally coasted into her billowing breasts and warm embrace. With a shit-eating grin upon his honeydew melon-shaped face, Junior called out, “Baby!”

Baby reached up with one of her pudgy hands,caressed his smiling face, and she exclaimed with a drawl, “How'd ya'll know mah name, big fella?”

They lingered in that embrace as she planted a kiss upon Junior's upturned lips. Junior was in heaven. He had never been kissed before. It was love at first sight and the rest would become sweet history.

To find out more about the continuing story of Baby Burpee, Junior Rathbone, and the other delightfully zany characters in my book, go to and order a copy of "The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude".

Once you have gobbled up the book that will keep you laughing in stitches, you will wish it would never end.

Fortunately, the first sequel to "Misadventures" will be released within about a month.

Keep your eyes posted on my blog and for continuing misadventures in Babes in Bucksnort. You'll become addicted and the good news is that there will be more "Misadventures" to come.

Nine more books in the series will be released, one luscious morsel at a time, over the coming years. What's more, I plan to continue to create other deliciously delightful tales since my characters are timeless within my active imagination.


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